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Welcome to my predjudiced and opinionated ideas on survival stuff! Feel free to email me with ideas for improvement - I take constructive criticism well!

I have a directory with copies of all the articles from the now closed Outdoor-Magazine. These are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and so you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read them. This free reader is available at: Adobe Please take the time to make sure that your reader is a current version, if you use a Windows Operating System. Some earlier versions of Acrobat have a potential security problems. The directory with the articles is HERE. My apologies that you have to enable javascript to read the articles via a browser plugin, but that's just the way things work. So: if you left mouse click you should be able to read articles directly in your browser. You can then choose file on the top menu and "save page as..." to save article. Alternately, you can right mouse click and choose "save target as..." in order to save directly.

I just collected together some things that I've tried or learned about. You'll probably want to go over to the survival forums at Knifeforums Bladeforums to get more detail..

I have some new stuff - which won't bore people so much because I didn't write the articles. Thanks to V- Shrake we have some new articles to read!

First is an article on personal survival kits:

Personal Survival Kits

And of course an urban survival kit:

Urban Survival Kit

The Survivalist's Travel Pack:

The Travel Pack

New - A SAK based Fob Kit:

The SAK Fob Kit

Next an article on building a survival vest for carrying more stuff - and doing it cheaply!


A weapon is just a hunting tool. Here's how to get started with a bow and spear. This is good information which should encourage people to try things with their local wood - and see how they make out.

The Construction of Modern Primitive Weapons

If a long term breakdown of society occurred - just what would you use for trade and barter? Find out...

The Fallacy of Gold

Weapon selection for "The end of the world as we know it"... Surprising!

Alternatives to the "Assault Rifle" for Today's Patriot

A Deep Woods/Jungle Survival Kit

Knife based kits

A Second knife Based Survival Kit

Knife based kits - part two

A Better Belt Order

A Better Belt Order

First in a Set of Articles on the .22 Rimfire.


Second in a Set of Articles on the .22 Rimfire. Ammunition Trials

Rimfire Ammunition

The Springfield Armory M6 Survival rifle

M6 -.22/.410

Some humor to show that V isn't the doom and gloom type!

Humor in Uniform

Some more humor - or could the attack of the killer skeet be real? My favorite!


Nature's Bounty

Too much produce?

Testing of Goloks - Valiant and martindale #2


Here's an article from Adrian in Romania, on the personal survival kits he carries there.

Romanian Kits

We're also lucky enough to have some incredible pictues of hatchets and knives - and some wooden sheath making information from Edgewise!

Some incredible hatchet pictures from "edgewise":

Edgewise hatchets:

information on making wooden sheaths from "edgewise":

Edgewise's Wooden Sheaths:

information on refurbishing an older marble's Woodcraft knife and making an appropriate wooden sheath from "edgewise":

Edgewise's Woodcraft Knife Project:

Here's a review of a knife made by Dale Chudzinski "Racquette", for Chad. This a present day interpretation of the Nessmuk Knife. Read the review and you'll see why I'm anxious to be getting mine!

The Modern Nessmuk Knife"

Here's a review of the Kelly Kettle by Schwert. Now everyone is wondering just what one of these might be and what it might do for them... It's a highly refined stick stove with water boiler built in!

The Kelly kettle

A Budget Survival Kit - by Kurt Hoffman

The Budget Survival Kit

The Coglin's Survival Whistle, and its Accessories - by Kurt Hoffman

The Whistle Survival Kit

I was asked by Dorothy Kato of diabeticmenus.org, if I would post some of her writing. We start with "The ten Common Myths of Diabetes

Ten Myths of Diabetes

And for the rest for now - well you'll have to put up with my stuff!

Some tests I did on various firestarters are here:


New - Extreme tests with Doan Magnesium Firestarting Tool

Doan Machinery Tool

Tinders for fire starters.


Making your own cheap fire starters - by Adrien.

Egg Carton Fire Starters

New stuff - The Coglan's Tinder Kit test:

Tinder Kit

New Stuff - The Spark-Lite test:


Here are some pictures of starting a fire using natural materials - updated summer, 2005:


Some thoughts on axes with pictures:

Axes and hatchets:

An Axe To Grind - Bernie Weisgerber:

pdf files:

Some thoughts on hatchets:

The $4.95 hatchet:

Some more thoughts on hatchets:

Norlund, Neolyth and Hults:

Even more thoughts on hatchets:

The saga continues:

The hatchet plot thickens:

The saga continues on:

Some tiny hatchets - "pocket axes":

Gransfors Mini, Vaughan, Walters:

Some more extreme stuff with tiny hatchets - "wedging and long handles":

Splitting Logs and Longer Handles:

Some Pics on Grinding a Vaughan Hatchet:

Take care with the power tools, guys!

Axe tests in Colorado - by Steve Acker

Colorado Axe Tests

Axe tests in Colorado - Part 2 - by Steve Acker

Colorado Axe Tests - Part Two

Some thoughts on machetes:

The Barteaux Machete:

Some more thoughts on machetes:

The Tramontina Machete:

Some of my thoughts on Valiant goloks - first part of many...:

The Valiant golok:

A Small Golok or a Large Leuko? The Horn Golok:

The Valiant Horn Golok - Small:

The Large Horn Golok:

The Valiant Horn Golok - Large:

The Horn Golok SX:

The Valiant Horn Golok SX:

Some thought on larger Valiant blades in damascus:

The Parang Lading and Klewang Sumbawa:

Some thought on a short heavy golok - The Kelapa:

The Old Style Kelapa:

Initial Impressions of the Valiant Large Bolo Camp:

That's not a knife, THIS is a knife!

Initial Impressions of the Valiant Golok Mala:

And how would a sword-like blade make out in the bush?

Some safety tips with big blades - from Singularity:

Mirror of Singularity's advice - super!

Sharpening and Reprofiling Traditional Blades:

High Performance Blades

Some of my thoughts on the Cold Steel LTC Kukri :

The Cold Steel LTC:

Some thoughts on can stoves


The Svea 123R Stove


Some thoughts on CHEAP axes with pictures:

Canadian Tire Axe:

A good light axe:

The light Iltis Axe:

Gransfors Bruks Axe and Hatchet:

Gransfors Bruks:

More Advanced Axe Selection:


Putting a New Handle on an Axe:


Various Saws for the Outdoors:


The Sawvivor Saw:


Some information on the "Crooked Knife":

Crooked Knives

Some information on the original long type "Crooked Knife":

The George Wostenholm Crooked Knife

A Light Mora Draw Knife:

Draw Knife

Cheap knives and sharpening systems:

Cheap is good!

Singularity's Thoughts on Sharpening Systems:

Thoughts on Sharpening and Tools

The care and feeding of a very cheap but great knife

The Cheap Mora Knife

Mora knives with synthetic handles

More Moras

The Frosts Mora Clipper in Stainless


Mora knives with Laminated Blades

Laminated Bladed Moras

Knife and Baton Comparisons


The Leuko and Bowie style Mora

The Leuko

The Cold Steel Red River Knife:

Mountain Man Knife.

The Cold Steel Hudson Bay Knife:

Voyageur Knife.

The Cold Steel large folder:


The Benchmade 721 and what makes it a great field folder:

Benchmade 721

The Grohmann Russell Belt Knife Kit from Lee Valley Tools:

Knife Kit

Cute Knives for Alyssa and Cala!

Scandinavian knives

Why I'm interested in survival stuff

Common Questions

Signalling whistles


Serious Forest Boots

Caulked Boots

A lighter look at survival blade design

Hoodoo and Jimbo's research.. Right!

A Mirror of Hoodoo's Links

Hoodoo's Links Mirror

Some useful links

That's all for now! I've just thumbnailed the larger graphics to speed up loading a little - this should help during busier times at Geocities. I'm sorry about my monotonous writing - just try to concentrate on the facts. If you have different opinions or detail to add - please email to me and I'll put them up. These pages are more of an initial reference and to fire up controversy so that people will want stuff added.