The Benchmade 721

I'd been following the discussions on Benchmade knives for some time, and finally a 721 came up for bids on ebay from Target knives in Calgary. There was also a Model 800 which was the one I'd always wanted - but I had to make a choice... Being of joking disposition I had to tell Hoodoo that I got it on his recommendation - but the fact is that I did want to see what I made of these blades. The 721 has the G10 scales that are more practical in winter here and a decent lock. The edge and blade shape is more suited to my needs than one with serations or a tanto tip.

Here are the pics that convinced me. Hoodoo has the 721 above, and the 720 below:

I took a close look at the aluminum handled BM 720 and really liked it - except that that I'd find the aluminum handles too cold for part of the year here. Then I looked very closely at the 721......

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