Colorado Axe Test 2

Here is a little followup for you to the first Colorado Axe Tests I did last year. I just got back from vacation, again spending a week in Colorado in a wilderness area hiking and fishing with old buddies at the same campsite as last year. The area we use in Colorado is primitive and up at 10,000 feet. Temperature ranged from 34 F to 92 F. I used some of this time again for more axe testing and a little knife testing.

I like using axes as a traditional and useful skill that connects us with the ages and warms you twice. On a side note axes don’t foul spark plugs or run out of gas. As a long time axe user I know some of this report may be obvious to other axe users, but I learned a few things.

This axe testing business all started when I found out about tiny hatchets from you, bought the Vaughn mini and the Gransfors mini axes, and started comparing axes. I came to the conclusion that the Gransfors beat out the Vaughn by a small margin.

All of these axes were tested on this trip by cutting the abundant dry deadfall, felling standing dead aspen, cutting kindling and fire building chores, and making fuzz sticks for fire building. I also used the small general purpose knife to test against for small work.

I carried four axes this time, a full size 3 pound head Firestone axe, a 2 1/4 pound Collins Legitimus ¾ (or Hudson Bay type) axe, a Wetterling 20H Hunters Axe, and my Gransfors mini axe. The only axe new to me was the Wetterling. Left to right in the two pictures below are the Firestone, the Collins, the Wetterling, and the Gransfors.

The Collins axe and the Gransfors axe were covered in some detail in my last effort, Colorado Axe Tests (1).

The campsite was surrounded by aspen trees, many of which were dead but still standing. There was also a lot of deadfall. Since a lot of deadfall would be cut the testing is somewhat skewed by the material being cut but is still valuable. The deadfall is a much tougher test of cutting ability and edge holding but is not representative of cutting green or sappy wood.

The 3 pound Firestone full size axe had a new handle since the last trip, where the handle split in two along its length and cut short my testing. The axe head is marked "Firestone", but looks very similar to a 3 pound Plumb that I have. It is my using axe and shows it. For some reason the 3 pound head full size axe cuts and handles slightly better for me than heavier axes. I feel that the longer handle is also safer in some regards. The orange paint is an attempt to make the axe more visible in the woods and is done to many of my axes. The actual weight of the entire axe is 73 ounces or roughly 4 ½ pounds.

Here I am with my favorite axe:

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