The Hatchet

While I was choosing the Iltis axe, I spied a neat little hatchet. Despite the fact that it cost $4.95, I had to add it to my shopping - much to the hilarity of the store clerk who had watched me spend half an hour carefully inspecting axes.. And there starts a story.

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Top is $4.95 hatchet, bottom is junker ready to be rehandled.

$4.95 hatchet is very thin - junker is like a wedge!

Mystery wood in $4.95 hatchet on right at least has vertical grain.

Junker has neater profile - for now. Soon comes the lightening of the $4.95 hatchet when it meets the angle grinder!

I guess that I mainly wanted to find out what was wrong with a five dollar hatchet. The thing was well balanced with a nice handle (vertical grain), and thin blade - quite unlike anything I've seen for years. The first sharpening on the belt sander showed that the edge had decent hardness, and so I was getting more puzzled. Having used the hatchet for over two months, the only flaw I can see is that the poll is extremely soft. The second reason I wanted such a cheap hatchet was to lighten it by drilling holes and grinding. I want to see if such a thing as a one pound total hatchet/sheath combination is possible. I'm still working at that. The reason for lightness is so that it can be carried comfortably on the person, and to see just what such a light hatchet is capable of.

I'm not a great fan of regular hatchets - and I don't know that many people who are. The usual hardware store hatchet is really a one handed splitting axe, poor for chopping and really too heavy for anything but splitting kindling at a fixed campsite. What I'm getting at here is that the very leverage which makes a hatchet superior to a knife of the same weight is going to lead to problems if the swing misse