The Mora Draw Knife

This is a pretty simple draw knife, which is basically a straight 4 1/4" blade (actually 11cm) with two full sized wooden handles at each end. The total length is 14" and the weight is 4 oz. As far as draw knives go it's pretty basic, not being nearly as nice as old draw knives that you can buy used for the same price. You can even get a really nice custom draw knife from Lee Valley for a little over double the price... Where this one really shines is that it's straight with no angled handles so it packs easily. You can choose to buy it with a blade protector from Lee Valley or make your own. I like my stuff sharp so I elected to construct my own sheath from heavy leather to prevent any accidents. If you are in the US, you would be best to order this knife from Ragnar's as a set together with the Eriksson crooked knives - it's a good deal.

The knife comes sharp enough to do basic work, but like all Moras and cheap stuff, it doesn't really perform until you do a bunch of work on the edge. The Mora page has all that information.. One is able to pull this draw knife through wood with the blade at an angle rather than perpendicular and this gives a very effective slicing action so that the knife cuts with surprising ease. Unlike just about any other draw knife I've ever seen, this one has a double bevel. This allows a very precise control of thickness of slices taken by tilting the blade. It is the same principle as the special crooked knife with a straight blade used to make cuts on materials used for basket making - where you need to cut strips of constant thickness.

As can be seen from the photo, the knife can be used in a pushing or pulling fashion. The photo shows it in original form and it's slicing very well - but the wood is soft. Harder wood requires a proper edge.

I'm sorry that I didn't get one of these earlier. It's a lot of fun to sit by a campfire and whittle some wood into something useful. If it's combined with a crooked knife - and you don't need some superlative grade of that, just a cheap farrier's knife or hoof knife (which is probably what the Austrian Carver's Hook is), or Mora curved blade tool. Then you are set for a lot of simple pleasure. For sure you can begin making everything from snowshoes to sleds with such simple tools - but you can just have fun too!

Most long knives can be used as a simple draw knife, but this one is very comfortable and effective to use.

If you have questions, criticisms, or things to add - email me please.

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