Blast Match

" rod x 2"

Length: 10.2cm 4"

Width: 3.4cm 1.3"

Thickness: 2.55cm 1" widest

83.7 g (76.6g listed) 2.95 oz (2.7 oz listed) total

Coglin's Magnesium Firestarter

Length: 8.75 cm (3.05") ferrocerium -1/8" rod x 3"

Width: 2.85cm (1.11")

Thickness: 0.95cm (0.37")

Weight: 45.1g 1.59oz

Strike Force

1.9"x1/2" rod exposed

Overall length: 12.75cm 5"

width: 3.2cm 1.2" (not counting rib)

Thickness 2.2cm 0.87" (not counting rib)

Weight: 103.5g (104.9 listed) 3.65oz

Campers Village

1.8"x1/4" rod exposed

Length: 8cm 3.15"

Width: 0.95" widest (blue handle)

Thickness: 1.7cm 0.65" widest (blue handle)

28.9g 1.02oz

Anew (Davenport)

4" x 3/8"

54.7g 1.93oz

General Comments:

The differences in weights are not great. Perhaps the most important consideration is how the firestarters are to be carried on the person. The Strike Force is just too bulky to carry in a pocket, the Blast Match is almost too bulky. The ANEW can be carried in a pocket though a belt carrier would be more convenient. The Campers Village and Coglin's are easily carried in a pocket.

Note that the CV and Coglins are thinner rods and more difficult to start a fire with damp tinder. This is especially true of the Coglin's (1/8" rod). While the magnesium really works, and is easy to scrape off the block with a hacksaw blade striker - it's hard to get a pile where you want it with cedar tinder (it falls through), and in windy conditions - when it blows away.

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