The Red River Knife by Cold Steel

I'm still going through my adventures of testing a whole bunch of 6" wooden handled Mora knives, trying handle shapes, and pounding the original sample through small trees and splitting dried wood. I still haven't broken that poor handle - or the blade, despite watching it develop temorary but extreme curves while splitting around knots in wood! I wanted something that I could compare against the Moras which is cheap, but offered good steel, and some advantages like a full tang handle. Considering that my cheap Schrades cannot compare in edge holding with the Mora knives, despite costing more, I figured this would be a tall order.

I ended up getting a Cold Steel "Red River Knife" for $11.00 US from an auction on ebay. The money order and shipping ended up costing more than the knife. I guess that defines a cheap knife. I've used Cold Steel Knives, bought one for a friend, and sharpened them, but this is the first I've actually owned. I awaited it's arrival with great anticipation because I had to see what a Cold Steel $10.00 knife would be like!

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