Romanian Assembled Survival Kits!

By Sweeper

I use the term "assembled" because very few items in my kits are made in Romania. If someone doesn't know where is this country, take a Europe map and look on the eastern part. Near Black Sea, between Ukraine and Bulgaria.

My kits are (until now) two: an "Altoid Tin" which is always in my pocket (I don't leave my home without it!) and the bigger kit, unfinished?? ??

My "Altoid Tin" kit is modeled after Doug Ritter's "Don't Leave Home Without". Inside is a Swiss made Recta button compass (which has a nice bubble helping use), a heavy duty razor blade (I saw same blade in Penrith and BCB tins), 7 assorted sizes safety pins , a sewing kit (4 different sizes needles and different colors thread), another big sewing needle with paracord inner thread, a piece of fat wood/tinder, a condom for water carry, 3 bandages (1 big and 2 small, I use it as "butterfly" bandages), a cheap piezo lighter, a marine survival vest whistle and 1 meter (3 feet) copper wire, which I scrounged from an old lamp. It's wrapped with two - 3 feet pieces of 550 paracord (I cut this lenght to use as laces in a emergency) and a 10 inches piece of duct tape.

Supplementary I have always on my key ring Swiss Victorinox 3.3713 pocket knife (eco version of Huntsman model), Recta key ring compass and an Sterling tungsten carbide "Superior Sharpener". In my pocket I have an Zippo lighter. When I live town I take with me an Survivor Brand "Emergency Sleeping Bag" in a pocket.

The second kit is still "on construction", because I can't buy all the items needed until now. Most of things I have for it was bring to me by a friend witch is student at Yale University (thank you a lot, Carmen!) and was ordered at Brigade Quartermasters.

I have two knives, a Ka-Bar Next Generation Fighter/Utility 1221 (7 inch bowie blade with plastic sheath) and a Ralph Martindale "Crocodile" Brand "Paratrooper" (I asked for a catalog and a price list and these British nuts send me the knife as "sample" by mail!) with 10" blade and file pocket (including file) cordura sheath. I see on Jimbo's site an excellent article about Goloks, featuring No.2 Martindale Golok. "Paratrooper" have 432W code and is looks like a Parang, an Malaysian knife used to camp chores (by me). It has a large and heavy blade, inch thick, with a belly at the front which puts the weight forward, making it easy to use (there is another sharpened area on the spine, so turning upside down can be used like a mini golok). I heard this model was created in WW2 years for use by the British Red Berets in the Burma jungle, but saw heavy use in the '60s by SAS patrols in the Malaya war. It's a very basic but very clever design. I use some paracord to wear the Ka-Bar knife upside down on left armpit like an pistol holster when needed. I think this plastic sheath is more useful than the leather one.

I use a Silva 3 compass (beside Recta keyring), a Coleman "Peak-1" cooking pot (1 qt. size) witch is very useful as primary ration container, an IMPS-Net (used as hammock until now), a 4 person tent flysheet which I took from my Dad's old tent (I use as tarp/basha) and a cheap rucksack. I intend to buy an Snugpack "Rocket" this summer, because it is modular and can be adapted easily to my needs (going a 50 miles for a seaside weekend is one thing, going to see a girlfriend to 500 miles trip is another). I don't have a "real" sleeping bag, but with the Mylar one was enough until now. I think to put one on the shopping list.

Food. I always take with me a jar of honey which is a fantastic energy booster, homemade smoked sheep jerky and sausages (my Mom makes it), homemade tomato juice to drink and use as sauce base, eggs in a hard box, some white sheep's cheese, four quarts of water and I'm good to go. If I go for longer distances I take with me some bag soups (Swiss brand Nestle and Austrian brand Maggi are the most popular since a bag costs under 50 cents in US dollars) and some cans of tuna and meat . Mixed with some spices and tomato juice and boiled makes a very good stew?.. ? But always I have jerky with me.

Finishing, I hope my article will be useful? I'm very sorry because I don't have pictures, but I'll return with an complete article when I'll borrow an digital camera.


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