People sometimes wonder why I'm interested in survival..

Here's a picture of a trip into Bella Coola in good winter conditions

You might be tempted to ask why I don't just stay on the main highway. That is the main highway.

You bet that ditch to the right is deep! Very very deep!

There is the old saying that if you go to the well enough times one day you will slip and fall in - and up here I can see where a person might have a lot of use for a survival kit and skills. Lots of people have died around here in situations where they might have built a shelter and fire and waited for help to arrive - in relative comfort.

The truth is though that I became intrigued by survival skills - from modern equipment to very basic primitive living skills and techniques. I very quickly got to the point where I got some good basic gear and learned how to use it properly, so I don't study survival from any fear of "getting stuck". Despite the pages devoted to testing gear, my main interest is in learning more about the outdoors and the lives of the First Nations people who lived quite happily under rugged conditions.

The test of any hobby, study or lifestyle is whether it changes you as a person, or whether it serves just to pass time, keep you amused, or offer some profit. I have to say that in my case I feel a much greater appreciation for the wilderness that I have around me, and through that a much greater satisfaction with my life. In the past, despite spending a lot of time in the outdoors, I was mostly concerned with very specific skills or "overcoming" nature. I had much in common with the people who travel to wilderness areas in their Winnebago and spend much of their time inside: like them I missed a lot.

Rather than a Winnebago, the thing that I took to the wilderness was a mental technique called "focus". In a lot of modern living, just how well you do and how you view yourself comes down to this technique. Simply it is the ability to shut everything out except the problem at hand. You are certainly not going to have much success with heavy duty computer problems, or other complex tasks without this ability - but it certainly limits your appreciation of things around you.

Hopefully the information on cheap gear will benefit some people, but testing stuff out was really done for my satisfaction. Eventually as I get time to construct more pages there will be more information on appreciating the outdoors and neat things to see there.

If you have questions, criticisms, or things to add - email me please.


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