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In a previous article I expounded on the virtue of keeping certain items on your person at all times while in the field. In that earlier treatise I recommended the use of a survival vest to contain all that gear. The point I was trying to get across was the need for diversified materials to keep you alive in a survival situation, whatever the cause of said situation, and an easy way to keep them handy. In this article I will show you another way to accomplish this task, and more besides.

But don't get me wrong, the vest is an admirable way to keep all of those little knickknacks in one place, and I use mine regularly for hiking and backpacking. It would even work in a combat situation in a pinch. But this method of "layering", or optimizing and customizing your belt order, I'm about to divulge to you is even more versatile, and allows you to carry more than the vest.

Just as you layer your clothes in cold weather to give you the most warmth and versatility in changing temperature extremes, so too should you "layer" your defensive gear.

As I've stated before and will continue to believe, your best chance of surviving any calamity rests with your wits and reactions. But, these can be helped with a judicious mixture of physical items: your survival gear and weapons load.

We all have our own ideas of what the best rifle or pistol are, and, similarly, what gear would be the best to have on hand for an extended period away from civilization. And unlike in the novels of post-Apocalyptic survival so common today, most of us can't get by with only what we have in our pockets. Or at the other extreme, be so weighed down with two rifles, four to six handguns, and mussete bags of extra magazines and miscellaneous bits that you couldn't move. (Come on, now. You know the books I mean. You've read them, and so have I. They're fun, but hardly a primer for survival in the real world).

To get by in the world of our possible future you're going to need more than guns and all of their related gear: extra ammunition, spare magazines, cleaning kits and the like. You will also have to carry around (all day, every day), the stuff that we take for granted today: food, water, fire, medicine, and all the other little necessities. If you've never thought about all that's required, do so; then think about how you would carry it all; then consider that in addition to lugging all this stuff around with you, you have to do it in such a way that it doesn't restrict your movement. That's where layering proves it's worth.

For many years the combat infantryman of most countries has been well served by wearing a load-bearing belt (web gear) to carry all that he requires for battle. Unlike that solider, we have different needs. Your average grunt carries around less than three hundred rounds for his M-16, two canteens, no pistol, a bayonet, a battle dressing, and maybe an MRE or two, and a poncho for shelter. That's all he has to carry, because he knows he's on a short-term patrol, or will be re-supplied in the field. We'll have no such safety net in a survival situation.

While the above scenario doesn't apply to every soldier in every situation, it's fairly representative. And completely unrealistic in a survival situation. Despite what Big Brother wants us all to believe, there will be no one for us to depend on in the event of a nuclear catastrophe or whatever. We will have to make up our own minds and live with our own decisions; while that is anathema to our would-be masters, it is the truth that all free men cling to.

So, how do we carry all that we are likely to need, in such a way that it doesn't limit our mobility? First, decide what is needed to sustain life, and then pare it down to the bare essentials.

Have that list ready? Good. Now decide how to carry it all.

For a system that works well with any type of longarm, as well as causing the least amount of encumbrance, a customized belt order, built to suit your needs, is the way to go. It's cheap, too!

My system is broken down into three layers, which are as follows:

Layer 1 (Worn At All Times)

Large Bowie Knife, Shrade skinner, leaf-bladed throwing knife; whetstones, gun oil, matches, fishing kit, nylon cord, paracord, dental floss (in pouch attached to knife sheath); (5) Cyalume sticks and holder; Mylar space blanket; Magnesium bar w/flint, strike-anywhere matches; Swiss Army knife, Leatherman tool; IMI Mountain Eagle, (4) 15rd mags, (1) 20rd in weapon; Wire saw; 645 rds .22lr; (2) MR-8 food bars; (2) 1/2 quart canteens; (1) MRE; Basic Med-Kit; One quart canteen and cup; Halazone tablets (50); Potassium Iodide; Solid fuel; Fire-starting sticks; Mini-Binoculars; Toilet paper; Insect repellent; Poncho, (2) garbage bags; Pen flares; Nylon cord (various weights); Mini-maglite, batteries and extra bulbs for same; salt and pepper, bouillon cubes, all-purpose spice, hard candy; Sewing kit

Layer Two (Worn Whenever Outside of vehicle or camp)

(4) MRE's; (3) MRE entrees; One quart canteen; (50) Halazone tablets; Survival manual; Map kit and compass; 175 rds .22lr; Hardware box (wood screws, tacks, eye hooks, nails); Throwing knife (improvised spear head); Snare wire; Weapons cleaning kit; Solingen skinning knife; Piece of hacksaw blade; (1) bar soap; two-sided (Mylar/camo) tarp; More nylon cord and dental floss

Layer Three [Worn for Extended Recce)

M-1 Garand; 176 rounds of 30-06 in clips.

That's what I carry, now down to the how of carrying it.

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