Large Valiant Damascus Blades

Probably one of the biggest surprises I've had was finding out that a lot of people who collect swords, never use them. In fact most swords wouldn't last long against trees. I can see that with swords designed for slashing, but it's hard to believe that people never get to try out their swords to see just what they can cut. Pity! Well only one of these blades could properly be called a sword - being primarily a fighting weapon - the Sumbawa. The parang is a tool for getting through dense mixed jungle. You'll sure tire of chopping before these two reach their limits! Just make sure you read the warnings first BEFORE GOING OUT TO DO SOME CHOPPING!!!!!!

Firstly - I'm into experimenting with what can chop through mixed bush, and am not knowledgeable about weapons. For a real overview of Indonesian weapons go Generic brand for clonazepam

I can still remember opening the parcel which included the Parang Lading. While older people like me, often remember things from years ago better than things recent. I can remember so vividly because I get the same feeling every time I unsheath the blade! As you'll gather from my pages I'm rather a practical person, and not exactly into collecting - so seeing something like this came as quite a shock:

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In actual fact, very little in the way of pictures is going to really describe one of these blades. It's like seeing a picture of some huge snake on television - quite different from having one sharing the couch with you. The damascus is somewhat different from what is usually made in the west, consisting of pamor.

Here I quote what Jean-Marc (singularity) posted on the forums:

"I asked about damascus blades and if they were for presentation or could be use, here is a part of the answer:

In reply to:

Our damascus blades are indeed using blades just like the good ol' days, NONE of them are for presentation or decoration purpose only (though some collectors might do). Every single blades are properly made (even to the "fanciest" ones) and treated with a very basic idea in mind ... someone's gonna use them somehow, someday!

BTW, 90 out of 100 antique goloks are in damascus ... which Indonesian people refer to 'besi pamor' or 'balik mipih'. And as we clearly and proudly stated in our website, the people who forge and make our blades (especially the damascus ones) are STILL of the same generation who made the same style of blade 2-3 centuries ago! Yes, we did create some new hybrid or 'fancy' looking blades to cater the collectors, but more than 80% of them are based on original and traditional concept ... "form follows function".

I also received the following on Valiant's blades damascus structure, thanks to Mr Suwandi:

In reply to:

Our damascus blades are different from the ones you probably have known where the patterns are parallel and laid alongside the core/hard metal in the middle. In this case, the impact on the blade is absorbed by the core only. You can always see layers of steel at the spine.

please refer to PAMOR MLUMAH. Ours are totally of different concept where the patterns created because of the forging, no core, just layers of sandwiched steel. impact is absorbed by the whole blade (layers of soft and hard steel). You seldom see any layers of steel at the spine.

Please refer to PAMOR MIRING.The negative factors (if there are some forging imperfections) are: - if the blade cracks, it will crack throughly to the other surface (you can see the other side through the crack) though it may not affect its performance at all; - if the soft steel unexpectedly becomes the outer layer of the cutting edge, it may be vulnerable.To show the difference, attached some references based on a keris structure which is quite different from our blades, but at least they would give you a better idea in what we're talking about."

I then received this:

What I really wanted to know is if the blades could chop through seasoned birch effectively, and still be in one piece and sharp. The simple answer is yes! For people who want to know why their blade is not only beautiful, but very strong, well now you know! In the real world out there in the bush, the blade will soon be black with sap, and you won't be able to tell what it's made from. Then you sit by a fire by some river, the wood having been hacked out of large driftwood by the blade, and get to cleaning it. It's like watching a photographic print develop, as the patterns in the blade start to show. Quite the experience! Normally I finish up the profiles on the blades with a belt grinder, and they rarely really need retouchup in the field, but if you want the sharpening experience of all time, then honing one of these with a ceramic, while sitting by a river and fire is some experience too. The steel has quite a feeling to it as you hone away. I don't see any way of really describing this, that would make sense. Eventually of course, the etching gets polished down, and you only see the damascus show as it catches the light. I think that I'd advise people to practise with etching solutions first on a cheaper blade like the golok, to bring out the hamon line on it. With a little experience, it's not so hard to re-etch the damascus.

Here's a close up of the end of my Sumbawa just after I got it.

Steel and blade construction are only part of the picture, though. What surprised me about the parang is the comfort of the carved handle and the balance. Nothing from pictures will come close to describing what one of these feels like in the hand - if you have some chopping experience...

The Chopping and the Warnings...

I'm quite aware that any adult can go into a store and buy the largest chainsaw there. Lots of us are still happily walking around with all of our parts despite this: some aren't. These blades could be far more dangerous than a chainsaw because they don't appear as dangerous. The Klewang Sumbawa is a straight edged blade and so is less capable of achieving the draw cut. It's also an extremely heavy blade for its type, and you have to be fairly strong to manage it. If it hits any part of you, then you have something that band-aids are not going to fix. The parang is VERY likely to achieve a drawing cut, sail through stuff you think no blade could ever get through - without slowing - and then you will have major problems if any body parts are in its path. The biggest problem with this blade is if it's the first one that you try chopping with. You'll make some trial chops and all will go well, and you'll think that you know its capability. When by accident, you find yourself making a drawing cut, you'll find that you had no idea of its capability! I started with a golok and from experience made sure that there was always a substantial stop (a log or tree) between the blade path and me. I learned the hard way that without such a stop I would have been injured. Now that I know what I think is the capability of the blade - I keep a stop that is a factor of three times that between me and the blade path. Where this is not possible, I'm very careful of deflections, and where I'm cutting. Simply put, the parang is very tip heavy, more liable to deflections that you will not be able to stop, and is capable of cuts that you will not believe even after you've made them. I realize that lots of people are using parangs in daily life - but they grew up with them! I would figure the $40 for a golok and time spent learning would beat walking around the rest of my life with a false leg if at all. These are not some sorry dreamed up blades of low capability, they are the real thing. If I use a parang to clear trail, I often wear chainsaw pants and protective gear.

Having said all of that, of course I'm eventually going to be getting the parang Langgi Tinggang! I'm not telling people to avoid the blades, simply that like all deadly things they dema